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Ross Noble

We combined strategy and analytics to develop a product launch plan to re-launch New Era’s revolutionary FuelBox

Making a Stand-Up, Stand-Out


Ross Noble content now on-sale, on-line

Exclusive content packaged for sale online

what was the brief?

Stand-up comedian, actor and TV personality Ross Noble asked us to create a web site to match his alternative comedy and varied interests off-stage.

Original storyboard and final image in a large sequence of stills needed to stich together the animation

Original storyboard and final image in a large sequence of stills needed to stich together the animation

What was the insight?

It was obvious this was going to a fun project as Ross is immensely creative and had his own strong ideas. As we worked with him and his agent, we uncovered a range of new opportunities that we also added into the brief. The first opportunity was that Ross is a prolific content creator, and unlike many other comedians, Ross retains copyright and ownership over most of his content. The second opportunity was that Ross has a large international fan-base with a large social reach. Just on Twitter alone, when we started working with Ross he had over 800,000 followers.

It wasn’t difficult spotting how we could add value by putting these two elements together.

“68% more higher value sales than originally planned”

what was the story?

We had been following the evolution of Content on Demand for a while watching the changing trends on how we consume bit-sized content. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to run a trial to capitalise on Ross’ content. At the time, no comedian had ever done this before in the UK.

We did a bit extra research on what content was being sold, plus looked at various existing cost-effective solutions to sell content as we were working to a tight budget.

We then create a Sales Test Strategy and based on the content available, broke this down into a content plan so we had three distinct content streams so we could test consumer demand.

Our three test streams were:

  1. Free content - Teaser content that captured curiosity and then promoted paid content

  2. Low cost content - Individual low-cost content snippets. A user could buy just one clip or a selection of their favourites

  3. High cost content – The most expensive option. The full package of everything and at full price


During the build, all parts of the web site plus each video snippet were carefully tagged for analytics so we could measure user behaviour plus sales performance in real-time.

As part of our web site launch strategy, Ross promoted the OnDemand part of his web site and his new content via his Twitter feed. Almost instantly we saw a massive spike in traffic which resulted in some surprising strong sales. As it was snackable and in-expensive, we thought the lower-cost content would be more popular. Analysis of results overtime proved us wrong. Luck for Ross, he made a good investment.


What was the result?

Creatively, to link all different elements of Ross’ site together, we came up with the idea of Ross falling through his own site. As users scroll down, Ross’ arms and body would flail through his content and land on his motorbike. To get this effect, we took Ross to Flying by Foy in Elstree - a specialist in theatrical flying. Several hundred stills images were taken of Ross in various different horizontal poses, then we cut him out of each shot and stitched all together to give the controlled animated descent we were after.

Technically, to be as cost-effective as possible, the site was built using an existing open-source content management system. However, to get the effects and functionality we needed, we had to heavily customise this.


If you want to know more about the sales results we discovered, or what we learnt through this project, just get in touch.