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Facts not feelings

This phase is all about honesty and reflection. Run through the following questions and thoughts, challenge yourself and reflect on what you need to consider when planning future activity.

The Past

  1. Why did you do ‘X’ (social media, email campaign, press ad…etc)? Because you’ve always done it, because it was fun, because it added value..?

  2. How did these past activities impact on KPIs and your objectives? How may your results have varied if you had not done it or done it in a different way?

  3. Did the activity I undertook deliver the results I expected? If so, why? If not, why not? What can I learn from this?

  4. What made my life harder this year? Think about people, process, technology, data, competition, the economy, Brexit and Love Island… What could I have done to mitigate those challenges?

  5. How did my team operate this year? Did they collaborate? Were they focused? Was there conflict? Were all skills used and strengths played to?

  6. Were there any challenges I couldn’t solve and so were simply ignored?

Why are we doing this? Keep asking your team ‘Why?’ until you really get to the reason ‘Why’ you’re really doing an activity.

The Future

  1. What key building blocks are missing that I need, if I’m going to succeed in 2020? Again, think about data, people, tech, content, culture, collaboration and budget.

  2. Which of these obstacles can be dealt with and addressed? What is the impact of those that can’t be altered?

  3. How could I shift my mindset and that of my team to nullify the effect of the factors that are harder to change?

  4. Are my goals reliant on everything going my way and no surprises emerging?! If so, consider the likelihood of this and ensure you have taken a realistic (but still challenging) approach.

  5. How do I need to develop myself and my team in readiness for 2020?

  6. Are there peers and outside networks I can lean on for support? I may not have all the answers.


Aside from this you will be conducting standard research; looking at stats, conducting a SWOT analysis and reviewing team performance, but we find these questions useful when helping clients think through how they are going to succeed and to make sound decisions.


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