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Putting it into Action

Less really is more

Having planned your strategy, tactical activities and KPIs, we encourage our clients to layout a project road-map. This should be a simple plan covering key projects that need delivering to fulfil your vision and drive success – not the day to day communication calendar. This is a particularly useful exercise in a small to medium size team without project management support.

This micro plan will be shared across the team, with senior leadership, peers and all stakeholders and must have the buy-in of all. It is imperative to assign timelines, a logical order of execution, budget and ownership.

Below is an example project road-map we worked on with one particular client. This format worked well to maintain focus and momentum, due to its simplicity and achievability.

Just start! Lots of small, quick wins
Divide and conquer – across your internal & agency team
We can help you devise a plan.
We can then help you execute it.
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