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Institute of Directors

Finding More Members Through Data

With over 100 years of rich history, and the backbone of a Royal Charter, there aren't many organisations quite like the Institute of Directors. It has been the conduit between business leaders and government throughout many phases of political change, and during rapid technology development -- from typewriters to voicebots. Throughout, it has been there for its members, advising on what change means for them and their businesses. 



The richness of history can often be a double-edged sword. Eventually high-profile prestige gives way to legacy systems - both operationally and in tech - meaning an organisation can be slowed by the inertia of management, not getting the right data at the right moments, or an image that represents a bygone era. Whilst there is a duty to embrace the new, there is a need to do this without alienating the old. With tact and tactics, the challenge for us was to partner with the Institute's marketing team to evoke a new IoD; one fast, fresh, bound by community and free of unreliable flows of data.



There have been many throngs to the digital change at IoD, both steered by YFS and the organisation, as we have worked in tandem to produce the best possible results. These include a thorough analytics audit and sweep up, guidance on communication direction, and squeezing the return potential of digital media spend. With a collaborative mindset, the YFS and IoD have partnered closely to oversee operational and executional changes -- all geared to ensure we're reaching the right people, in the right way at the right moments


"March 2019 was one of our best membership months in recent years, with stunning retention rate changes, strong acquisition and strong performance against budget"

Jonathan Cox, Head of Marketing, IoD



Just the first year into a multi-year retainer, there is still plenty of work yet to be done. However, the early signs of change are already shooting through, with recognition from within the IoD team, and upward trends in business performance.