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We combined strategy and analytics to develop a product launch plan to re-launch New Era’s revolutionary FuelBox

Redefining the Re-Launch of FuelBox

Signing up 10% more distributors

Redefining the Re-Launch of FuelBox

20 litres of red diesel in a box

what was the brief?

FuelBox is an innovative way to purchase, store and pour smaller quantities of red diesel. This makes it perfect for the construction industry where remote teams working on smaller projects can now easily refuel equipment such as mini-diggers and generators. With additives to keep the fuel fresh, plus a handy pouring spout, FuelBox helps avoid contamination from stale fuel and debris found at the bottom of the more traditional jerry can. FuelBox is also environmentally friendly as the cardboard box is recyclable and the internal uses less materials than traditional hard plastic containers.

What was the insight?

It is quite common for construction workers to refill machinery from old jerry cans and then use anything close-by as a funnel. This could range from old drinks bottles to even traffic cones. Refilling in this way could easily result in severe engine problems as stale fuel, debris such as sand, soil and even rust from old jerry cans can block up fuel filters. This is type of breakdown is a big problem for hire shops who rent diesel-powered construction equipment which then needs repairing.

“Working with Your Favourite Story was not only fun but illuminating. Luckily for us, the team challenged our thinking and pushed us into new directions we hadn’t considered. They worked through a comprehensive launch strategy, then pulled out all the stops to produce a range of assets that got outstanding results. Watch this space for far more.”
— James Hunt – Sales Director, FuelBox

How do we reach them

We needed to first appeal directly to the end user – the Construction Worker – and then help educate them on the ease of refuelling using a FuelBox, plus the risks of machine failure and lost time caused by refuelling with ‘dirty’ fuel from a contaminated jerry can. But we needed to talk their language and to both educate and entertain.

Using comedy as the reason to watch, we produced a series of films around different construction site scenarios. The first film in the series compares the performance of two site workers – one using the traditional funnel and jerry can fill-up technique compared to a construction ‘God’ who had discovered FuelBox and got the job done.


What was the story?

These films form part of a wider product launch and social media strategy, however before this is fully launched, the first film has already been used in a separate campaign to find more FuelBox distributors in the UK. Within the first two weeks, the campaign had already signed up 10% more distributors to now total 900 distributors.