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Crafting Vision


Crafting the Vision

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Help creating a strong and engaging 2020 team vision

Forget revenue, members, leads and retention for now. Start thinking about what success will feel like, how you want to be perceived by the rest of your organisation and what the key factors for marketing success are in 2020. If there are key aspects that need to be true to succeed, craft these in – for instance, if data intelligence is poor yet member intimacy is vital to success, ensure this focus is emphasised in your statement.

We aren’t going to give you the answers – this vision has to be unique to you and your team and owned by you. However, we will help you by posing a couple of questions, some examples of a departmental vision and a selection of words that may help you on your way.


Key questions to ask yourself

  1. What role does your team play in delivering ultimate member value?

  2. What are the key factors that will allow you to deliver organisational success in 2020?

  3. What are the key cultural elements that will drive your team forward in 2020?



  1. Delivering ultimate member value when, where and how they want it

  2. Connecting members through technology

  3. Driving growth through data and innovation

  4. Inspiring the organisation with insight and hunger


Possible words to consider

These lists are not exhaustive but provide examples that may engage minds and paint a picture.

Enablers and Tools – With this list, think specifically of the tools and strategies that will help you succeed

Data – Technology – Events – Content – Research – Design – Insight – People – Premises – Stories – History – Legacy – Places – Members – Clients - Society

Emotions and Attitudes – Visions are far stronger if they are emotive. Be clear about the feeling of success and the journey there

Innovation – Passion – Hunger – Dream – Respect – Joy – Resilience – Intimacy – Love – Loyalty – Advocacy – Agility – Confidence – Satisfaction – Trust – Better - Success

Verbs – Visions require action – make this clear with powerful phraseology

Deliver – Connect – Inspire – Lead – Drive – Promote – Instil - Help – Maximise – Optimise – Make – Do – Fly – Invoke – Bring – Create – Grow – Transform – Teach

Take some time to think this through. Start with the enablers of success, move on to the emotions and finally link them together with verbs.

We usually ask clients to select several words in each category, have a play and see what feels right. Why not make this a team exercise to gain group buy-in?