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Cow on Roof

Cow on our Shoreditch Office Roof

We’re passionate about farming at Your Favourite Story, plus we wanted the freshest milk in town - hand-pulled from one of the team – to go with our trendy Shoreditch coffees. As we’re blessed with a flat roof on our Corbet Place office, the answer was simply. Just put a cow on the roof and make our own Hipster milk.

Blessed with a good idea, and not needing any client buy-in, or brand limitations, we were all set to start an adventure and basically do what we wanted.


It didn’t take long internally to expand the idea, and then to add depth, additional experience and to get the job done fast, we called in an external film director, comedy writer and producer.

Casting sessions were carried out for both lead characters. All other parts were filled by YFS staff - some even volunteered.


Going social. To get the eyeballs we wanted to try and justify this lavish luxury, we developed a social strategy that involved involving key influencers including an EMI signed singer-songwriter, a clothing brand and a well-following farming influencer. As budget was tight, we set about a begging and bartering exercise which was probably the hardest part of making this movie.

If you’re interested in how we found and begged our influencers, please just ask us as making this film is probably still our favourite internal project.


Our Results

111K Facebook views 6.5K YouTube views

Additional ‘Earned’ content promoting us and our partners in this project

Another 20K YouTube views on this video

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