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Your Favourite Story’s 5 Top Tips On How Membership Organisations Can Stay Relevant In The Digital World.

Membership Organisations Need to Be More Like Madonna


According to a report by TUC (Trade Union Conference), more than 6 million people have joined a union – from nurses to checkout assistants to lorry drivers to airline pilots.

Who in the UK isn’t part of some sort of membership organisation? I’ve personally belonged to several organisations throughout my life and I admire the work and causes that many membership organisations are involved in.

However, what I find to be even more impressive about membership organisations, is their seemingly unrivaled longevity. Many of the membership bodies in the UK today have been running for over 100 years, which I think is #Amazing!  

The Institute of Directors was founded in 1903, whilst the institution of Civil Engineers was launched in 1818. These are seriously massive achievements and not to be sniffed at!

However how does one maintain longevity whilst concurrently ensuring that they stay relevant?


Madonna, the world-famous pop icon can be used as a great example of how reinvention keeps things fresh and engaging. Madonna has managed to maintain a very successful singing career for the past 40 years whilst many artists in the same industry are lucky to have careers that manage to last 5!

Similarly, membership organisations have managed to stay afloat for comparatively long periods of time compared to many organisations in other industries. Yet in today’s digital climate, MO’s need to do more to also maintain relevance in addition to longevity.

It’s Madonna’s willingness to be a student, to learn about what’s new, what’s hot and what’s not that has given her the ability to stay relevant in an ever-evolving world.

So, without further ado, here are YFS 5 top tips on how membership organisations can stay relevant in the digital world.

1. #Analysis

Analytics isn’t s as scary as it sounds at all.  By analysis, I don’t mean that we all need to be data scientists. However, what I am saying is that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Full evaluation of your organisation is key before you can even begin strategizing around what steps you might need to take to gain more audience engagement and increased membership.


2. #BeOpenToNewThings

Yes, us humans are fear mongers and change, seems to be one of those things that sets off all our internal fear receptors. However, change can be good, really good! And as Madonna has so effortlessly demonstrated, those that are open to new things will go extremely far in this life.

 3. #Education

You must educate yourself on what it is you don’t yet know. I get it, why bother learning new stuff and wasting valuable time when the current way has always worked right? But does it work though? Take the time to educate yourself on your organisations current state and how other organisations that sit in your space are performing in comparison. As well as learning about new ways of doing things. After-all, knowledge is power!


4. #Become a #DigitalGuru

Start loving everything that is digital – How much easier has online shopping, Deliveroo, Treatwell and everything in between made life for us. Whether it be down to time saving, accessibility, convenience or whatever, the digital world has likely impacted you in a positive way at some point, so embrace it!

5. #GetSocial

Membership Organisations are such a unique model. They offer the chance for a person to be part of something greater than themselves (Cheesy but true). 20 years ago, having a busy social life meant having lots of things to do outside of the home and work environment. Nowadays social media accounts for a large proportion of day-to-day socialising. Which explains why last year businesses collectively spent $74bn on social network advertising.


The reason businesses are now investing so much into social advertising and moving farther away from traditional channels is because the ROI on Social advertising (if done correctly) is well worth it. If Membership organisations were to do the same, I am sure that

MO’s are incredibly special, and we NEED to continue to create organisations that will thrive and remain relevant and engaging for a further 100 years to come. 

These are just some of the ways in which we can make sure that MO’s don’t get left behind in the race to digital success!

Like Madonna, membership organisations have begun to “Get into the Groove” of operating with a more digital focus. We’re not quite there yet but the industry is making great steps!


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