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Why watching ITV’s Love Island Could Help Improve Your Marketing Strategy

I love doing my best Iain Sterling impression at the start of each Love Island episode. I usually kick the impression off with a hefty “Toniggggght”. Then there’s the seasonal Villa terminology that we all love to use including “getting on me grafting boots”, “my heads been turned” and “I’m cracking on!” I’ve started wanting to trade in my iPhone for a Samsung.  And I also MUST have one of those water bottles that all the islanders drink out of. From time-to-time I even have the urge to shout out “I’ve got a text” down the office hallway whenever my phone vibrates #loooool!

Yes, Love Island in my opinion is the epitome of sales and marketing and here’s why.

Introducing - #Emotional #Marketing

The makers of ITV’s hit summer reality show really are marketing gurus. They’ve created a show that the public indulge in. Year after year love island viewers remain loyal (No pun intended - *cough, “Georgia from Love Island 2018”).

And tune in everyday to watch young love blossom in the cruellest way possible. The show touches on all human emotions, love, fear, jealousy, rejection, happiness, sadness, anger and lots ‘of fun too! Which makes it an addictive watch.


Psychologist, Dr Punit Shah says, “In a weird way it brings people together. It gives us all a common thing to talk about regardless of who we are, where you're from or of how smart you are. Everybody watches it, it cuts across class boundaries.”

So that’s the hook that makes us all tune in relentlessly. Diverse in class, relatable and emotional.

According to an article in the Entrepreneur written by Ivy Cohen, “Emotional marketing tells a story that connects with an audience in a human or personal way. With consumers increasingly making buying decisions driven by feelings rather than logic, emotional marketing creates meaningful relationships that result in brand fans, replacing the loyalty marketing approach of years past.”

This explains our relentless addiction to tuning in every night.

When it comes to the term “brand fans,” mentioned in the above passage. Love Island definitely has those in abundance.

So, here’s where things get super intuitive from a sales and marketing perspective. You have a great product (Love Island)! It’s selling itself due to its mass human and emotional appeal. Fantastic! So, ITV could either see their sky rocket ratings as a win and remain complacent OR, they could capitalise even further on their bestselling product. Which is exactly what they’ve done!   


ENTER - #Affiliate #Marketing!

Teaming up with tech giant Samsung as well as Jet2Holidays! Each year, viewers watch islanders take selfies and receive texts on the latest Samsung handset. All islanders are given a Samsung and the tech firm actually use selfies from the show in their social media ads. Jet2Holidays are featured throughout the show with a competition giveaway where 5 friends get the opportunity to win a holiday to Majorca to watch the Love Island Live Final. 

ITV have taken the show’s popularity a step further and have cashed in completely by selling their own range of Love Island merch including; water bottles, suitcases, phone cases, glasses and even a makeup line.


Make way for - #Content #Marketing

ITV aren’t the only ones exploiting love Island in their sales and marketing efforts. Brands such as PLT, Boohoo and basically anyone with a basic understanding of content marketing have created discount codes off the back of Love Island episodes and culture.

Understanding that a large majority of their target market are definite Love Island viewers. These brands are adding discount codes to items that will resonate with the millions of Love Island viewers that buy their clothing.


For example, after last night’s episode where Amber and Amy returned from Casa Amor to find that their partners Michael and Curtis had been “cracking on”. I went onto social media this morning and immediately my time line was flooded with discount codes that really pushed my buttons. Like this one from In the style.

On Sprout Socials Blog titled 65 Social Media Statistics to Bookmark in 2019’. One insight revealed that - ‘Social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases with 37% of consumers finding purchase inspiration through the channel’.

The article also revealed that there are 400 million daily active Instagram Stories users. 

Which makes damn good sense why decided to have Wes from Love Island ’18, watching last night’s episode live on their IG story! Very clever and it’s this sort of brand behaviour that makes a real difference in the social media driven world of marketing that we inhabit today!

So, essentially if you’re selling a product or service during the summer. Then make sure to create some Love Island themed, discount codes! Play on human emotions wherever possible. Make your content relatable to your audience and if you ever need a voice over done, then Iain Sterling is your man!

Now, get your grafting boots on, stay loyal to the process (without turning your head) and get cracking on with a monster marketing plan!