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Ways the Walking Dead Can Bring Life to your Marketing Strategy - Data Visualisation

For a TV show about dead bodies, The Walking Dead know how to bring life into their marketing strategies. Their innovative campaigns have delighted viewers and keep the franchise in customer’s minds during the hiatus. It’s not a surprise that the AMC horror drama has a strong cult following, it premiered its season 7 with over 17 million viewers tuning in to find out the fate of their favourite characters. So what is it about The Walking Dead’s marketing strategy really connects to viewers?

Engaging the Dead

The Walking Dead marketing team are masters at engaging as much off the screen as they do on it. They keep the brand in the mind of viewers long after hiatus and continue to try new ways of raising hype. A few of the ways they do this is by utilising the popularity of fandom through: conventions, guerrilla marketing, and podcasts. The Talking Dead recap series has been an extremely popular, finding its own audience within the podcast community. These round up sessions explain what happened in the episode and highlight things that could happen in the future, using celebrities who are fans of the series to further their reach beyond their viewer base. Businesses should keep the conversation alive, engaging with your customers through mediums they are familiar with can work to your benefit. This is also a great opportunity to explore collaborating with other brands to extend both your networks using your social pull.


Innovating the Dead

The walking dead explore marketing strategies that are by no means traditional, they are always up for trying something new even if it seems strange at first. Their zombie countdown was the perfect way to build excitement for the upcoming season.

Photo credit to Performance Solutions

Photo credit to Performance Solutions

The importance of taking risks within your own strategy can revitalise an exhausted strategy and add a new playful element. Guerrilla marketing strategies are a great way to raise awareness about a new product or service, The Walking Dead marketing team have created some spooky pop up advertisements that captured the attention of media and viewers.
Talking to the Dead

Social media isn’t dying – especially when it comes to The Walking Dead. Social engagement has been a large part of why the series gained such a large following, AMC relied on a strong social strategy to really push the series forward during the first few seasons. Strong social campaigns have kept viewers talking about the series, using a clever hashtag and warning, the marketing team were able to involve over 30,000 users using social media – the campaign gained over 550,000 impressions.

Targeting and Retargeting the Dead

Where would you find a group of people interested in zombies? Not a graveyard, Comic Con! The marketing team have found events and conventions to be a fantastic place to launch a new campaign. Finding events or conferences your clients or target demographic frequent will help grow your campaign. Exploring unique ways of targeting and retargeting your customers is a great way to extend the lifecycles of your products. No, it doesn’t mean you have to go to a convention – targeting where your customers spend their time online can also be beneficial.

Struggling with your Marketing Strategy

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Julian Mitchell