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So, You’ve Bought a New Website – But What Now?

Let’s set the scene. You’re an ambitious Marketing Manager that wants to excel in your role. You know that the best way to get more sales in current conditions, is to increase the right type of traffic to your website.  

So… You invest in a brand-new shiny website, which is great, but what now? Just like a gym membership, a website is only going to add value to your overall goals if you use it!  

The content on your site, along with the way in which you implement analytics. Will both be detrimental in ensuring that your new website works for your business in the way that you need it to.  

 So, let’s flex those digital muscles and workout the best way to get the most from your new website!   

First up – Content 


Your website may now be technically superior to anything you’ve ever seen before on the web! However, although usability is important content is king nowadays, so this is the first place to start after implementing a new website.  

Not only is it important to create mutually beneficial content that will serve both the site visitor (target customer) as well as the overall goals of your business. It is equally important to be strategic in the way in which content is displayed.  

When we read on the web, we read differently to when we read something in print format. Don’t be afraid to break up copy with image content and be sure to write in shorter paragraphs to maintain better engagement. Let’s face it, these days, no one enjoys reading an essay!  

But how do we know if the content is doing its job?  

In comes - Analytics! 

Now, it is worth mentioning. That although it is imperative to track the performance of your website, including; Visitors to the site, pages visited, time spent on each page and so on! It’s important not to go overboard.  

The analytics team here at Your Favourite Story have conducted numerous tech audits on our client’s websites. In many instances we found that slow loading time on websites and pages, was often down to having too many analytics tools installed.  

According to Kissmetrics47 percent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds. 


Usually, your website will come with some level of backend analytics function. Then Google Analytics in addition, and perhaps a tool such as LeadFeeder (depending on the objectives of your business), should be more than enough.  

Analytics will be the make or break for your new site, depending on what you analyse and the types of actions you take from the insights provided.  

If you notice that a particular page on your website isn’t getting as many views as the others, or perhaps your analytics tool is telling you that a lot of drop-offs are occurring at a certain part of the visitor’s web journey. Yet you take no action to rectify these issues, then just like a new website without good content and insightful analytics. Your Web analytics tools will be entirely pointless. 

As they say, use it or you’ll lose it!  

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