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Marketing Analytics 101

Having a room full of differing opinions is all good when you’re with friends having a debate over coffee down the local café! But what about when it’s time to brainstorm a business idea.

Marketing analytics and insights can never replace creativity in marketing. However, making decisions driven from data rather than from assumptions can save your organisation precious time and money.

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Your Favourite Story’s 5 Top Tips On How Membership Organisations Can Stay Relevant In The Digital World.

The Institute of Directors was founded in 1903, whilst the Institution of Civil Engineers was launched in 1818. These are seriously massive achievements and not to be sniffed at! However, how does one maintain longevity whilst concurrently ensuring that they stay relevant? #Reinvention.

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What Will The Shopping Journey Be Like In The Future

How has technology redefined the customer experience? This month, we focused on the shopping journey of the future: we analysed the current landscape; the consumer of 2019; the trends that no ones talking about yet, thinking about what this means for us as a digital agency and the wider creative industry.

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