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The Strategic Analytics Consultancy

The Strategic Analytics Consultancy

Define, Refine, Wine


Finding Value in your Data

With so much going on across so many digital channels, making sense of your data can be a challenge. What is happening on my website? How is my latest campaign performing? Am I tracking too much data or not enough? Is my data reliable? And what on earth should I do with it?

We first work with our clients to understand their business goals and KPIs. Often we help define these. Then we narrow the focus to the ones that are really important to your business. We review and make sense of your current data. If you’re missing anything, we go and find it. Finally, we create a presentation layer that turns your data into a shareable, visual format that’s easy to interpret.

This isn’t Big Data; this is really useful data that will help you make the right business decisions, faster. Convert more visitors on your website; test new ideas for your digital campaigns; find opportunities to optimise the user experience; gain the competitive edge. How much is that worth?



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Our Areas of Expertise


Think of preparing a great meal. You’ve probably got a good idea of the ambitious results you’re after. Then you either need to work out what ingredients you have, or what you’re currently missing. We call this the Evaluate stage and we do a very similar thing to really understand what’s in the cupboard, or what’s missing or needed when we start helping new clients.

  • Charting success

  • Developing a strategic roadmap

  • Defining and refining KPIs

  • Evaluation of competitors

  • Research on customers

  • Tag audit

  • Tag implementation

  • Finding lost leads

  • Analytical audit


Once you’ve got all your goodies in place, you’re ready to start cooking up something tasty and having some fun. We call this the Activate phase where we bring everything together in the right order and at the right time. We start making real progress and you start seeing real performance and mouth-watering business growth. Success tastes good.

  • Reducing wasted media spend

  • Plotting member engagement

  • Creation of reporting dashboards

  • Tag management

  • Unlocking technical restraints

  • Conversion rate optimisation

  • Google Analytics implementation

  • Adobe Analytics implementation

  • Digital consulting and strategy


By now you’re confident in your KPI’s, have a robust strategic roadmap charting where you need to get to, plus an action plan. We’ve organised your existing data and tagging, optimised on and off-site performance, increased lead generation while reducing your media spend. Your results look good, you look good. We call this the Celebrate phase. Time for wine!

  • Demonstrating ROI

  • Measuring member engagement

  • Promoting your work internally

  • Ongoing training for you and your team


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